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• We group small businesses onto a large group platform. • We manage the long-term risk of the total employee population through incentives and specialized wellness programs. • Our partnership with Providence Health allows small businesses with 2–99 employees to access premium benefits at a competitive rate. This program is invitation-only and unavailable through traditional insurance brokers. • Our easy-to-use platform makes small business HR, compliance, payroll and health benefits easier than ever.
Category: Human Resource Management
Finally get away from spreadsheets or fire Quickbooks and use accounting software designed specifically for Freelancers. Get 20% off of Billy for life.
Category: Entrepreneurial, Small Business
Immediately know when your domain is breached or credentials are compromised! 81% of breaches are traced back to compromised credentials and the majority of data loss happens between the time of a a breach and the time the breach is detected. Let us help you maintain security and provide OverWatch for your company.
Category: Security Services and Investigation